Monday, December 1, 2008

Sorry for the recent lack of updates despite the new loaner laptop...
As it turns out, this chest tube is about as comfortable as >insert hilarious analogy here, im too tired< and Im having a pretty difficult time getting motiviated to do much blog wise....but Oh yeah!! I did manage to whip up a Facebook account for my mom this afternoon for fun. She's trying to act all chill about it, but seven minutes after I showed her how to request friends, she was already asking, "When can I go in to see if I have friends?" Cute.

She also contributed this gem, When I made "Suggestions" to my friends to ask Pam to be their friends by clicking on their names, she was saddened to see that she was up to her limit before she was able to click on Paulys name. "Ill just come on here and do him later"....I said Id be sure and let pauly know.

Well, as far as update go from Saturday till now.....
  • John stayed Saturday night and the pain on my side from the incision was pretty horiffic. The pain meds are quelling this a little bit, but trying to turn over or get up to go to the bathroom is a complete, massive chainsaw to the gut.
  • Sunday was fun. It was overcast outside and I love overcast mornings. John helped me get all my cords un tangled from around my torso (I AM NOW HOOKED UP TO FIVE SEPARATE DEVICES) so I could pee (I have to use one of those pottys on wheels") which made for some fun couples bonding.
  • Ive become eager to invite friends & family into my bed lately, its a fun cuddly place to watch tv, although, with my new chest tube, it does require one to crawl under my chest tube and use it as a seatbelt. We woke up early and then cuddled in to watch The Sunday Morning Show, our favorite routine.
  • Sunday saw visits from Stacy and Luke, and later Alisa & Annie, Bill & Sue, and Tracy and Ross later. Its all a bit of a blur and if Im in happy-ville then I dont take pics so Im sorry If im not keeping my visitor updates more accurate.
  • Today I learned something pretty SUCKY. When they pull the chest tube out, I thought I would be heavily sedated again, but NOOOOO! Its going to be like when they pulled the mastectomy drains out!! arrrgggh!! I wasnt blogging back then, But I assure you, theres no sedation involved and "One quick tug" is a good way to describe it. Maybe Ill have somebody film it. Im not looking forward to it. AT. ALL.
  • They MIGHT take the tube out tomorrow but Its not looking 100% right now. They need the lungs to be well dried out to insert the talc and its just not there yet.
  • Right now, its possible It could be Wednesday before they take anything out. Ugh.
  • Keep J-Mac in your thoughts. He threw his back out something fierce today and of course there's no spouse there to take care of anything. We're a mess!!!

Saw the in-laws today and also got a special visit from my sis-in law and her gf Christina - Thanks for coming ladies!!

Oh yeah, and Drew showed up tooo!!!

More tomorrow, if I can pry Pam off Facebook!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I have all kinds of jokes concerning Pam "adding" me to facebook, but they all turn out quite....uh....inapproprate. I'll leave the statement speak for itself.
P the B

Karyn said...

Oh Pam with facebook...I will have to request her...Keep up the good spirits girl!

KJ said...

Sorry to hear about jmac -- send some Kelts over to your house to help him out!

I'm probably going to stay away a little longer to make sure I don't have any stomach flu germs lingering... it was awful and not something I want to even risk passing to you.

You in my thoughts and prayers daily! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa, I know I don't respond to all your blogs. Hell not even half of them. However I do read them on a daily basis, as well as Pams up dates.
I know we are really far from you in Ohio, please know a day doesn't go by that we don't think about you and say a prayer for you.
Sorry to hear about JMACK hopefully he will be feeling better soon.
Keep fighting and hanging in there kiddo.
Take the best of care,

Jill said...

So, I'm blog-stalking at work pretty regularly now (yay for your laptop!). I've been gleaning updates to the DIV and pretending that it's an email or something-I don't know why but I don't want to be like, 'o, I read on her blog...' C told me today that she called John for an update-something tells me that was a humorous vm. (She said something about mentioning the xmas party next week..I'm not sure if she did or was thinking about it) I've was thinking about coming up to visit tonight but haven't been feeling the best and don't want to get you sick. Thanks for the blogposts :-)

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