Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Whadda you think of the wigs?
So, yesterday, Jan, Judy, Jean & Mere all went out and picked me out a few a few after I threw an all & out tempertantrum when the head nurse and my mom decided it wasnt such a good idea....when they got home I was too tired to even play dress up so I ended up half falling. asleep with Hula, Hater and Ziggy.
Who-ohoo!!! How's that for some makeup!?!??!?

Here's the other wig - the brown one. All the guys seemed to like this one best. Looks cute with a hat on it too. What do you think??

Awww me & Dad. That hair looks so fake. Im still going to wear it.

Look who came to visit Drew! VanBuren's Santa crew!! Drews been getting this weird smiles. I think Pavlov's dog has kicked in everytime I half-notch my camera and give drew the red light, he gives me his little ackonowegement that he knows what's going on. I dont like the face so Im going to bedoing more to turn that around.


Still being a good baby for santa!
Crazy baby and Mommy having fun!!

Babe-zillza aout to bout puunce!!

Drew was doing some heavy duty pushing arund today!!

Nick and Mere havent gotten a dog yet, but I can promise drew shouldnt have too much trouble. This dog was a big'in!.

Glaser & Aracri stopped by and hung out with Dad & John for a bit...

Diana, Mary, Drew (apparently giving "Bue Steel) and Grandma hanging out ...
Well, cant say it was an over the top Tuesday, but I did have some exciting wig developments, some new visititors so I wasnt all in all dissapointed.
One thing I will leave you with is the What's going in? Question. No body wants to read it, but I knowit on everybody is qurious. Peeeking? Ready??
Ok wussies. Im probably getting out on Friday. Jon will have to make sure my car is working inside & out, Ill probably need to take a driving lesson forboth of us.
As for what happens next. We wait.Everybody just keep feelin groovy at this point, and hoping for the best. Honestly? I really just just need to keep a sharp positive focus on everything coming up. EVERTHING!!
Could things just disappear like Ive been prediciting they would? OF COURSE!!! Could they slowly start slowly acting up again???
But then of course we make everything go away again.
Now Im off to put my laptop and make my momahppy for the first time all night..baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Sh's reallly pissed at my right now.


Anonymous said...

I love to hear you're pissing off Pam!
Love ya kid!
Keep it up!
Love,Hugs,Thoughts and Prayers!
Mike, Les, Ty and Kristen
p.s.....82 degrees here.......really, really hot!

Misti said...

Great news!! You amaze me all over with each post! Just keep resting and getting stronger.

Melissa said...

I definitely love the shorter wig. Looks great. (I thought you told me you would never get a wig!!!)
Sending you happy thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Melissa the brown wig and hat on you are waaay cute!!! As usual love the posts. BELIEVE!!!!!

Margie your cousin of cousins

SurlyTammy said...


A couple things. We Love you and J-Mac.

It will be even easier to send ya loving and healing vibes over to Finneytown. I am off on Fridays due to the fun economy, so let me know if I can be of any assistance. I can carry your spare wigs. :)

I agree with others, the short Brown one looks best.

Thirdly.. anyone wearing a cheesy Snowman sweater is not allowed to be mad. :D

Have a good day Fort and we will text ya if we get any news from our meeting today.

Tony said...

Friday huh? So do I hear the Throwdown in Finneytown on the way? HAHAHA!!! Another question... how did you get Hater to smile for a picture? That's a miracle in itself. And I agree, the short one is HOT! Even with the hat! Keep getting better. See you soon!

Kat said...

Love the short Brown Wig, looks great. Keep getting better! Love ya!

Jami said...

I love the wigs Fort!! You look amazing with or without them:) Keep that positivity going...it's contagious to everyone that hears your story! I will talk to you soon! Love, Jami

lioness024 said...

I like the short brown wig :) Hope to see you soon, I made you something :)


Anonymous said...

Long, blonde and sultry or short brown and sassy - I like them both! Home is always a good place for healing (good home cooking) and lots of TLC. Also Drew can crawl all over the floor and you at home. Love your spunk and tenacity - keep up the attitude. Love to all, Cousin Sue

Jill said...

One more vote for the short, brown wig! Thanks for the post. Your sharp positive focus amazes me! :-)

amy said...

I love the short brown one! Looks adorable!
I am sure Mom is ticked for good reason! :)

Amy Borders

Anonymous said...

I like the shorter wig (and that's not because I'm a lesbian with short hair!!!), but the long blonde is a little more real looking. I know you'll rick them both out!!! Hoping to visit soon! Love ya' and keeping you guys in our thoughts and prayers!!

Erin McLaughlin

Anonymous said...

Damn, Fort. You look H.O.T. in the second picture. I'd definately do ya!!!

(Awww c'mon you pervs, I just meant add her to facebook....)

Glad to hear you're busting out of that place!!

Pauly the Bastard

aileen said...

ok , I'm digging the short hair with the knit cap on. Very sexy.
From the looks of your spelling I'ld say the diladuids are still doing you good. All those pill poppers in the 70's couldn't be all wrong! Good stuff!
Still waiting on Erin and Chris to get over the cooties before trekking your way.

Fort said...

ok...mom has to respond. Pissed wasn't what I was...tired was what I was...it was 1 a.m., her dad was trying to sleep and I was afraid the laptop was going to fall OFF her lap onto the floor because SHE kept falling asleep...and the cheesy snowman sweatshirt...I have LOTS of cheesy "teacher" shirts, maybe you'll get lucky and see more! :o)

Karyn said...

Hey girl

You look good in both new hairstyles...you are beautiful with both or without...

Keeping the positive thoughts and prayers heading towards you..

Love You

Lisa said...

Glad to hear that you're bustin' out of that place! I am sure that some good J-Mac home cookin' and lots of rest will help keep you on the healing path.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl. So they're laying you off from Hospice, huh. That's awesome!! It will be so nice for you to be cozy at home.

Wow it is amazing what make up and a wig will do for a person...you look HOT! I like both, but the brown is different, it's sassy.

And by the way Pam, I love season themed clothing...keep it coming!

More love and positive thoughts are coming atcha. XOXO Marisa

angelsamoungus said...

Vote- I vote for the shorter hair do. You look marvelous darling. Tell mom Pam that I am thinking of her and I say “Hi”. God Bless all.

Anonymous said...

GREAT NEWS! I do like the short wig. Kepp resting. I want to bring my spawns when you're up for it.

Kelly E

Netti said...

Awesome news Fort! Cant wait till your up for your first trip back to Haps! Keep getting stronger and cant wait to see ya

Lola said...

Totally digging the picture with the short wig and knit cap. Hot! You're the epitome of strength my dear.
Can't wait to see you again.

Lots of love


Anonymous said...

Short & brown is the look Melissa...you are hot (although I was thinkin the real short blonde you've been sportin was lookin kind of cute too!) Hope you enjoyed the book --do you think there is something wrong with my students? Prayers are radiating all over town and across the usa for you - Bill Mervar sends his good thoughts your way & asked you let your folks know he's thinking of all of you. see you when you feel like it and thinking of you continously with love & then sendin' the prayers up for the miracle. love you your favorite yaya ST

Anonymous said...

Look at you, kicking a@* and looking HOT while you do it! You are amazing! I love the brown wig and I am so excited to hear the wonderful news!! Love ya Fort!!


Anonymous said...

Great news that you will be going home possibly Friday. We will hope and pray for it for you.
About the wigs. The short light brown bob. Very SEXY. Much better than the blonde one. Not that it isn't cute or anything. Just that the short brown one is best.

Keep fighting kiddo
Love ya

Anonymous said...

fort! great to see that you still have that fun, upbeat personality! thinking of you!


GladGirl said...

So cool to get some time to say hi to you last night!
Hey I couldn't find your invite in my email addy so here it is again, just incase

I'll bring those Sedaris cd's for you today around 1-ish when I come in to work.

BTW- both the wigs were HAWT!
One of those pics with the long one, you look like you could do a good Courtney Love impression if you had a good snarl!

Peace out Napoleon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fort,

Both wigs are great [although I'll tell you from experience -- the blonde one is good b/c it's a perfect excuse anytime you do anything dumb -- I should know, I use it with Andy all the time!!!] :) --- you look great no matter what, fabulous news on heading home --- keep resting and feeling better!!! We're thinking about you....

Sara and Andy Santoli

Brew said...

Love the wigs! The short brown one is definitely cute, especially with the beanie :) Awesome news about going home Friday! I'm sending positive vibes and prayers your way!!!

Susie Q said...

I like the shhort one but hey, what do *I* know! I liked your Mom's *cheesy* snowman sweatshirt! *grin* I really did!
Um...and I think I have one almost like it. : ) besdies, your Mom is gorgeous...it's where YOU got all YOUR gorgeousness from don'tcha know.

Glad you are gonna break out and be at home.

Tell your Mom I said hey and I send hugs to you all.

Love to all of you.

Sue Groseclose Combs

John said...

Fort -- It's Jackam. I'm happy to see your smiling face in those wonderful wigs. You look great. There are two things from Montrose I'll never forget, you singing and Dancing to Talking Heads "She was a Kappa, Yeah she was a Kappa" and the things you just don't do like leave a guy who fell out of his wheelchair laying in the street.

You are a wonderful person and I'm glad I got to spend my college years with you in my life.

Somewhere out there is another keg of Natty Ice with your name on it.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
Neil and I are so happy to hear that you are going home. You don't belong there! Neil would like to offer "Shiatsu" from Gary Rooks, as he offered to you this summer. Gary's number is 513-518-4470. All you have to do is make an appointment and let Neil know and he will cover it. We wish you only the best. Have a great Christmas and Holiday! Melissa, you truly are an inspiration.
Debbie and Neal (phoenix)

Anonymous said...

Love the new hair! I especially like the short brown one--you look amazing! So glad that you're getting out of there on Friday.


Jami said...

It was great getting to spend time with you today, Fort! I will see you soon and I hope you have a smooth move back to your parent's house...thinking of you! Love, Jami

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
I'm back home again from NC and just talked to your mom to see how you're doing. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Glad to hear you had a good Christmas with your family. (Did you wear one of those glorious wigs?) Maybe I can come to visit one day this week if you don't have too many others coming. Everyone who knows you wants to support you with love as I do too. Peace.
Love, Mari Lou