Monday, August 9, 2010


Summertime and cicadas....who needs them......

The day started out ok. I got out of bed, which is always a good day for me. Took a bike ride, went to my new school-not to DO anything (I don't even know WHERE to get started), met another teacher and had a nice conversation. Met my good friend Jackie for lunch. ALWAYS nice.
Got home feeling....BLAH. Anxious. Didn't feel like doing much of anything, so I decided to finish the James Patterson book I'm reading. I lay on the swing on the deck and read - VERY relaxing with nice background music from the cicadas.
I'm laying there really getting into the story, MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS, when out of NOWHERE something comes flying at me (it was like someone shot something at me with a slingshot!) and hits me in the neck. I jump up, trying to brush off WHATEVER just hit me, and I see NOTHING on the deck. WHERE DID IT GO????? Then I hear the buzzing noise....coming from INSIDE my shirt. OMG! I'm hopping around the deck, shaking my shirt, trying to get whatever it is OUT, and it's not COMING OUT. So I start to take off my shirt...then I remember that I don't have a bra on! (we have a privacy fence on ONE side of the yard and HALF of the back of the yard...but our deck is high enough that the neighbors on the side of the privacy fence can see us on the deck. Fortunately, our neighbor on the side WITHOUT the privacy fence who is ALWAYS in his backyard, wasn't out today!) So I run into the house, rip my shirt off and shake the cicada out. Now I have a buzzing cicada on my floor in the dining room. So I throw the shirt over it, throw the cicada AND the shirt out on the deck. Instead of getting another shirt, I go out on the deck SANS shirt, kick the cicada off the deck then put my shirt back on.
Needless to say, no more reading on the deck for me, at least for awhile.

The picture is actually the cicada that ATTACKED me. It was still in the grass where I kicked it - buzzing still, but not moving.

I kind of figure that it was Fort's way of putting a little excitement into my afternoon. It worked. Hey Fort...I like the butterflies better.

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Kat said...

You know she was up in heaven laughing her a$$ off! I know I was when I read it. Those dang bugs have gotten me a few times.