Sunday, August 29, 2010

Butterflies and the BENGALS....

I should have posted Sunday night...I didn't know the stories would continue all day today...
Got an email from KJ (one of Fort's Dayton rugby friends)...she had a butterfly experience this past week.

From KJ:

I went to the Bengals practice at Welcome Stadium last weekend. It was so packed and hot and we had to sit up at the very top of the stadium.

Now, I'm a Browns fan all the way. I just went to the practice because I'd never seen an NFL practice and the tickets were free. Fort and I had gone to the Browns-Bengals game together in the past and tailgated together more than once and she always made fun of me (and I her, of course).

I was poking a little fun at the Bengals while at the practice (nothing disrespectful because I didn't want to get beat up). Just then a butterfly came and buzzed my head. I thought it was going to fly into my eye! All the way at the top of the Welcome Stadium! All I could do was laugh and think of Fort :)
HA! Fort was a TRUE Bengals was her....

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