Sunday, August 29, 2010


CONGRATS to ANOTHER of Fort's cousins -RYAN ADAMS - is the kicker for Carroll High School - had a 52 yard field goal against Xenia on Friday night! WOW!

Right after I posted this morning, Nick dropped the boys off. We got popcicles and went out to the backyard. Drew looks over and says "BUTTERFLY!" This beautiful butterfly stayed on the flowers and Drew got close enough to touch it, and it stayed there. I told him it was Aunt he started waving and saying "HI AUNT FORT!" Stayed in the backyard around the flowers for about 5 minutes-long enough for me to get a few pictures...even flew around our heads a couple of times. It flew away, and a few minutes later Donny got home from his football meeting - I was telling him about it, and it came back...for MORE pictures. Fort? I think so.

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