Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy First Birthday MAX!

Nick dropped by school so Pamma could sing Happy Birthday to Max...can't believe he's a year old already! Celebrating with a cookout at Pamma's & PopPop's tomorrow afternoon.
ANOTHER interesting story...just happened 5 minutes ago. Nick is here with the boys and he was telling me about Max's doctor's appointment today. "Did you know there is a vaccine for Chicken Pox now??? Where was that when I was in school....I had to miss Field Day because of the chicken pox!" Right when he said that, the wood puzzle that goes off randomly..went off..we both laughed because we're pretty sure it was Melissa agreeing...she had the chicken pox in April and missed going to the CIRCUS!!! (this puzzle hasn't gone "off" in about two weeks...I was wondering if it would again - I guess she just didn't have anything to contribute in the last couple of weeks!)

I SURVIVED MY FIRST DAY BACK to my new school...after MUCH anxiety, a sleepess was much ado about nothing. Started in the office and worked my way out - felt pretty good about what I got done. Donny went to F&S School Supply and bought all the butterflies they had - it was the best birthday present ever...they are all over my room, with some left for the rest of the building...(with the approval of the Principal!)...Melissa is EVERYWHERE! I love it.
I was missing her last night when I couldn't sleep - really wanted to call her...
I know that she would approve of my choice of schools...could have used her help with my bulletin board....
Don't have my first classes until the 30th, so I have a week to get everything in order, figure out the smartboard and figure out the computer. I forget everything from last year-imagine that.
I think things will be ok.

my office...

a new library AND a Smartboard (one training so far - one to go)...

My new checkout desk...(notice the butterfly above the desk?)


If you've emailed me about butterflies...thank you. I LOVE hearing the stories and LOVE that butterflies make people think of Melissa. I have seen MORE butterflies this summer than ever before. My cousin sent me a note about her "butterfly" experience - thought it was interesting enough to share...

Cathy and I were in St. George two weekends ago and we happened upon a little street fair there. The first booth we came upon was a man who framed butterflies in all their beauty. At first I felt sad for the butterflies, then we talked to the artist and he explained about the life of a butterfly, how when they become adults at the height of their beauty they only live a short time. When we see beautiful butterflies we are more lucky then we know because their life is very short, but they bring such beauty to this world as long as they can. He actually breeds these butterflies that he frames and times it to when they are close to the end. I was very impressed with the artist and Cathy actually bought a picture.

This weekend I was thinking about the artist and the beautiful butterflies he had framed and Melissa popped into my head. I started reflecting on how you say she sends you butterflies and rainbows, and I believe she does. I decided I was meant to hear that story about the butterflies, because I think it is Melissa it was referring to. She grew into a beautiful and charming woman, but her time on earth was short. In that short time she brought so much joy and happiness to everyone around her and even in her struggle with her illness she brought courage and inspiration to so many. She is the butterfly!!

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Anonymous said...

Brought tears to my eyes Pam... Thank you for that story. Good luck with the new school, it looks great! I can't believe Max is 1-what a doll! Love ya, Jami