Sunday, August 22, 2010

Party time!

Max thoroughly enjoyed his first birthday...if eating his birthday cake was any indication. He couldn't get enough of it. A few friends, some family and lots of pictures. (only thing missing was Aunt Fort...she would have LOVED this party!)

Max is looking for more cake...

Max & Uncle JMac

Drew shares popcicles AND his wagon with two pretty girls!

Dancin' on the table...
(I think Max has some Franz blood in him...DANCIN' ON THE TABLES???)

Max enjoying cake with Krista...

a kodak moment...

It was also my birthday today. Just one of those "holidays" that I would just rather skip...but it was ok. Had breakfast with my DEAR friend Jackie at Cracker Barrell - early-specifically because after 20 years, we won't be working together any more-had a LOT to talk about. That was nice. John stopped by on his way home (he stayed with Nick & Mere last night)and we talked for a little bit, then relaxed until dad, Nick & the boys and Ang came over...a lot more than I did last year - just a visit to THE BOAT.
(did that last weekend and won another $100 on the butterfly slot machine!).
I made it through the day and it was ok. Not the same without Melissa, but it was ok.
Donny, Nick & Mere really helped me today.

Our neighbors came out when Nick & Mere were leaving so they could see the boys - Shirley was saying how much Drew reminded her of Nick when he was that age - the blonde hair - and then she reminded me of her FAVORITE Melissa story - (what a great birthday present for me!) - Melissa was 5 when we moved in (Nick was 3). She was talking to Shirley over the fence and she said "want to know what my mom and dad are doing in the bedroom?".....WELL.....of course Shirley DIDN'T want to know. (we were putting up our water bed)...Shirley never believed THAT story - but it was true.

Also, a couple of butterfly stories -
Melissa's cousin is the kicker for Carroll High School. They had a scrimmage Friday night and his mom and grandma (Donny's mom and sister) both saw a butterfly when they were in the stands before the game. Ryan was on his way down to the locker room, and a butterfly followed him into the locker room!

My friend Marianne called tonight to wish me happy birthday - but also to tell me that she had family over today and they were sitting by the pool and a butterfly LANDED on her -opened it wings (of course so she could see how beautiful it was)...(I was kind of hoping for a butterfly to land on ME today - did see LOTS on my walk, but no landings...)
(Marianne - that could have been Melissa, but it could have been Terri too!)

I LOVE all of the butterfly stories. Hoping to see one at the Fairmont/Alter game on Friday...I'm pretty sure she'll be there for her dad and Andy...and for her Firebirds.
Will update Saturday - hopefully with a butterfly story - but also a balloon launch this coming Thursday at the Compassionate Friends meeting.

Tomorrow is the big all staff meeting at Fairmont High School. Should be interesting.
Then on to my new school. Kids start Tuesday.

Have a good week.

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