Monday, November 10, 2008

Can you belive this is my 6th time to this place? Crazy.

Well, I definitely felt better this time than I did the last time. I didnt get crap done in February. I did a lot of prep work for my college scrapbook and still didnt finish it. Partly because I got really tired and couldnt pull the all nighters, and partly because my book simply isnt big enough for all my pages, and it got me down I guess. im going to need to get a big 3-ring binder for this one.

I didnt even get to work on my top-secret project because the pictures werent done until Friday and I didnt have time to pick them up after work. Its fine though, because I never would have had the time to do it anyway, and it just would have been added pressure and these last two times? Im not the same hard ass I was when I was working on all my other books. Back then it was all business. Dont talk to me, dont bother me. Ive got to finish the book.

My college scrapbook (That Ive now worked on for two trips and still have yet to complete) looks like utter crap. Its sloppy, and Im just not excited about it because Ive been looking at these pictures for ten years now. Its the fresh material that gets me all worked up. Despite all that, its still a fabulous time.

Jami looks on as I check out a picture of her when we lived together Jr year....

This was my view: Jami and Judy on the left, Stacy and Jan on the right...
Mary, Judy, Jan, Megan & Jean show off their favorite pages.

Helen and all her daughters in law - Christine, Robin & Heidi.

Ok, I need to interject here for a quick lesson in self portraits - (Directed soley to my aunts) Apparently the frequency of self portraits on my blog prompted them all to want to do one of these self portraits.....ALL. AT. ONCE.....
Ok, here are some very simple rules for a successful self portrait -
1 - Five people is way too many. Three is pushing it.
2 - One camera at a time - I repeat, ONE CAMERA AT A TIME!
3 - The person with the longest arm
A) Always takes the photo
B) Is always on the end, with arm outstretched as far as possible.
I reluctantly jumped in this picture knowing it was not going to turn out well, and decided to take the photo from the other end. I mean, lets make this a learning moment right?
My aunts have some practicing to do.
(Im sure Ill get hell from my aunts...when I told Jean I wasnt going to make it to lunch with her and the rest of the gang today, she called me a "Maggot", so brace yourselves!)
Awww....thanks to Denise who forwarded these pics of Drew and Nolan....Their daddies played football at Fairmont together!

Jan dropped me off from SBM Sunday night and guess who showed up soon after?

They ended up moving my appt back to Tuesday so I could see the oncologist, so Mere and I visited Andy over at Fairmont for lunch...

Drew was on his best behavior for Coach Rock - he turned around and stared at that painting on the wall for what seemed like forever.

Drew wanted to stay for gym class.....

Even joined the stretching circle with all the students....

Then we went and visited Aunt Johnnie - Drew and Aunt Johnnie have the same birthday!
He was a pretty happy camper through it all....
But the workout had him out instantly once we got in the car...

Well, Id like to say Im rip-roarin ready to go tomorrow for treatment #6, but barely hanging on here. Ive lost over 20 lbs this time around, which, dont get me wrong, is by far the most awesome side effect Ive ever had (Im in my moms 10 jeans right now), but my body is just so fatigued, the blood transfusions arent making me feel better at all.
I have a really hard time breathing over very simple actions, and I think I may have some lung congestion because I can really get to hackin' in the mornings, sometimes on the verge of really tossing my cookies.
Everything aches, so bad I called to get a massage the other day with Jean - Check Her out, shes WONDERFUL , but she was a little concerned about massaging me in the middle of chemo. Apparently chemo patients have received massages and felt HORRIBLE for 2-3 days later because the deep tissue massage can reactivate the toxins back into your body and really hit you like a truck. So I told her Id be fine, booked it, and five minutes later called her to chicken out. She said she was going to have to be careful, and I said Id rather wait till thanksgiving when she can give me one of those painfully hard massages. I dont want to spend money on a gentle massage...I can get that from the hubby. I want to be abused!! :)
There was an interesting postcard on Postsecret today. Something about missing the vibrant dreams had on chemotherapy. That was great....I thought I was the only one! Chemo dreams are so real. I wish I could write them down. Last night I dreamt I was managing the promotions for a hot-spot tiki bar on some exotic beach. I was somewhat frustrated because I got hired and was running around the bar trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. Break that down Freud.
And of course I couldnt go with out mentioning that Obama won the election, so ill change up some of my blog decor....
Im so excited to have a president I can be proud of. He's definitely got his work cut out for him, but really eager to see how he approaches the job. People who are so scared really shouldnt be. This is a good thing.
Thats all for now, another night of uncomfortable sleep.....another 3 weeks of anxiety and fatigue and pain, and hopefully a REEEEELY sucesssful PET scan and a tumor marker test thrown in there too. Ill keep everybody updated.
Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Our family is still coming down from our Obama High. I know he can't work miracles, but the excitement and hope in the air has been missing for quite some time. I hope your dream tonight is seeing all those bad markers being erased for the last time. I hope you can feel my hugs, please pass one along to Drew and one to Pam. Also, no matter what you think about your adventure this past weekend - 10 years from now you will love every page. Sue

Misti said...

Hooray for the last treatment!! I am sending good marker thoughts your way.

My family is ALL excited about Obama - even Alex. It is an exciting time - one of these days I am going to come up with a better word than exciting. But in the meantime - I a just EXCITED about the next administration!

Annie said...

You've been in my thoughts all day--can't wait for another night of drinking when you're done kicking it's ass ;)

Karyn said...

Keep fighting girl....we are all praying for you!

A said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!!!

I think you just may be the STRONGEST woman I know!!!!

Amy Borders

Surlytammy said...

We Love you Fort!

Sending you positive prayers and thoughts your way today.

Philly and Tammy

Nancy Kramer said...

Thinking of you often and praying hard...

The Faffs family

Netti said...

Thinking about you today Fort! Hope you are feeling better!