Friday, November 28, 2008

UPDATE: Doc Razi came in around 5:30 and said that after five he's on call, and there was an emergency procedure needed on at Sycamore, so Ill have it done between 10-12 tomorrow. Just heard from Krause - she and her husband Andrew and sis Julie (Shannon & Julie did the 3-Day with mom and I - Click here for a recap) are coming here TONIGHT!! They'll fly back to Beantown tomorrow. More details as they come. UPDATED - the gang just left. Thanks to Shannon, Julie & Andrew for driving all the way down from Akron for such a short visit. Love you all! Also thanks to Bill & Sue for stopping by as well, love the blow pops!
If anyone is considering visiting tomorrow, please call me first. Now that Im getting the procedure done around11-12, I dont think Ill be up for visitors in the afternoon. Ive already got a few people coming in early so please just call. Ill probably be a slug for most of the day so maybe Sunday would be better. If im asleep all day, Im sure Pam wouldnt mind some visitors, just give her a buzz.
Happy Friday!


Misti said...

Fort - lots of luck with your procedure! Alex and I are sick so we are staying far away, but I am sending good thoughts your way.

Anonymous said...

Sweet dreams this afternoon after the procedure. Maybe you'll dream of turkey legs and get that appetite going - wish I could put some of my candied yams in front of you!! Love the pedicure - love even more all your wonderful friends. Hugs to all. Love, Sue

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear that you are breathing easily! The hospital is a crazy place for holidays. Glad you've been enjoying the visits, the pictures, and all the well wishers. The waiting around for everyone to agree and then follow through with the procedure is the pits. Get those lungs working, girl! You have a LOT to say ... and many of us who want to hear you.
YOU, John, your folks, all your family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers constantly.
Big hugs and smiles,
Pam and Roger - you know, Mr. Bauser!

Anonymous said...

I met you for the first time yesterday. I am impressed by your blog. You were great to work with. I hope the drainage of fluid helped you as well as the removal of the chest tube. Hope you got a good picture of the bottle!
You are intelligent and funny!
Good luck!

Dr Hemant Shah
Pulmonary/Critical Care
Kettering Medical Center