Sunday, November 2, 2008

Did I mention Pam and I were big Obama supporters?
Ok, if you're just here to see cute pics of Drew, you can skip over my Obama rally pics to the bottom...theres some really cute ones of him in his Halloween costume!

So mom and I headed down to Nippert Stadium last night for the Obama was nice to see the turnout in Hamilton County...probably one of the most important counties in the entire election as far as Ohio is concerned. Its extremely conservative, but this was encouraging...

This gives you an idea of where we started in line. It was about 2.5 hours before we made it to the stadium. I kept walking ahead and sitting down and waiting for mom because I just got another transfusion on Saturday and to be honest, they're not giving me the "kick" they used to. Im still quite tired and my breathing really isnt getting better. In a sick way, It makes me confident that the chemo is working. If im not 'feeling it', sometimes I worry that its even working at all.

Obama noted that his tax plan would help "85% of Americans, and 99.9% of plumbers...."

We were so far up my camera really couldnt get a decent closeup shot.

AHHHH!!!! There he is! Funny story, what I can only describe as an Obama look alike pops out of the curtian and the crowd goes wild (very hard to see for most of us) seconds later the screams die down. Not Obama. Im sure this poor guy gets this every where they go.
This is actually the middle.

OK! Now for more cute pics of Drew!!! Happy belated Halloween!

Whatcha doin Aunt Fort??

Drew loves it outside. It was so nice out yesterday! Havent had rain in a while so it was nice to just enjoy the grass with out all the sock/pants seepage. Hate that.

Drew found out that not everything tastes very good. Especially crusty dried up leaves. mmm!

He loved the bench on the deck. Kept walking along it really enjoying himself. He's going to take off one of these days and we'll never see him again!

"Drew! Be cute!"....he's so obedient!!!

""Drew! Act drunk!!....Good baby!!!"

My apologies for the lackluster posting of late....the computer is still down, im tired all the time, theres just nothing really going on that motivates me to write.

Hopefully that will change soon when I get my energy back. This weekend is scrapbook mountain/island/resort & casino so Ive been doing a lot of prep work for that. I should finish my college scrapbook and hopefully knock out a top secret project im working on. Ill share it when Im done.

Like I said, the transfusions arent giving me the kick they used to. Im still pretty exhausted (although standing in line for 3 hours and not getting to bed until midnight probably didnt help me much). Ive got scrapbooking this weekend and then my last treatment on Monday. LAST TREATMENT!!! Then we'll do the PET scan, revisit the ol' tumor marker and put this baby to bed for some time. Thats the plan!


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Anonymous said...

What terrific pics from the stadium. I heard tonight we might pull off Ohio and Virginia. I'm going to bed tonight knowing I'm voting for the next President tomorrow. Also - going to bed knowing you're getting that last treatment, will feel terrible and then come up with some kick ass new numbers. The country and you are headed for better years to come. Always love the pics of Drew. Hi to Pam. Love and Hugs - Sue