Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Night Updates - 10:54 pm-ish:

"John, do think this picture is too revealing to post on the blog? You can kind of see a smidge of my boob on right."

"Your boob is on the other side of your chest", he says as he goes back to watching the Dayton-Marquette basketball game.


So the actual procedure wasnt too horriffic. Mom, Dad & John get kicked out and Doc Razi and the rest of the nurses spill out into the room like the clown car just pulled up outside my door. They're all in great spirits which eases my anxiety quite a bit. Before these local procedures, including accessing ports, they have these anaseptic "utensils" with a flat sponge end already saturated with soap and anaseptic.

I have to flip over on my left side for the procedure. Razi starts to scrub where the tube goes in and I start laughling hysterically. (Still not "under" yet, just very ticklish) If Im going to be struggling to breathe, I might as well be laughing right? Transformed briefly into the older brother I never had, Doc Razi asks, "Oh? Is that ticklish? Im sorry!", and gives my armpit one last scrub. Picking on the weak, I see how ya'are!! ;)

Honestly I dont even remember falling under the magical spell of versed. I have a brief memory of immediately asking for more and they quickly oblige. I have a quick painful memory of briefly waking up, family walking in, Razi and the nurses walking out. My side is killing me and it still is, but my every 3 hours on Dilaudid is helping things out a bit.

I really havent been eating much lately, but every once in a while I get an urge and I feel a little guilty about it, but mom and dad will drop EVERYTHING to run out and grab it. Luckly, my cravings dont travel far from Marions pizza, and today a Arbys Chicken Cordon Bleu commercial had me on the phone calling home before mom and dad came back to the hospital. Theres one on the way, so hopefully I havent been too much of a nusiance. Also red pop & fruit punch are tasting good these days. I am BY NO MEANS WHATSOEVER the benchmark in healthy cancer surviving dieting....but when I kick this once in for all, Ill be pissing off nutritionists far and wide. Mark my word.

I found this really good link with a breif description and a good image of the chest tube insertion if you're interested in checking it out - just click here.

Jami came in from Columbus this morning for a quick visit - Thanks for the card Jami - Ive got the notes hanging up on the table.

This is the machine on the floor thats collecting the fluid from the chest tube. I think right now, at about midnight, we're at around 1200.

Stewy stopped in for a quick visit with me and my chest tube. Ive never been such a liberal flasher... both Stacy & Karen's girls Emma and Samantha are going through a flashy stage and it seems to be rubbing off on me.

Its 1215 AM and I just got my pain meds. I Can only get them every three hours so have to wait patiently throughout the day and night. I probably should get some sleep but the meds not only take the pain away (really just a little bit), but it also helps me feel a little better in general. A little more euphoric.

Its where I cuddle into this positive cocoon for a few hours, flip channels, sit and think about how grateful I am for this amazing husband, family and friends and doctors and nurses and co-workers and even friendly strangers who take me downstairs for scans and even the other patients who are sitting in the hallway waiting for their scans.

Its beyond anything Ive ever felt before. I know Im going to get better. For good. I dont know how long it will take, but I do rely on all the positivity and prayers that I can feel (In the form of Dilaudid sometimes I think!) and I cant wait to get better really try to do a better job getting involved with trying to help others get through these hard times. I feel like I let God down a little bit the last time had had these remarkable test results and I didnt hold up my end of the bargain. I believe it was a co-worker (and I think some others) who said, "Thank God for already making you better, and start letting him how you plan to return the favor."

Seems a little bit presumptuous when you're dealking with the Big Man, but he's always been pretty supportive of my self-fulfilling prophecies over the years.

Again, thanks to everyone who's emailed, called, sent cards, flowers and happy texts.

I feel like everyone in my life continues to fuel this fire. I can hardly stay awake...two hours is a long tie to work on one post but I keep falling asleep.

I love you all! Tomorrow should be primarily R&R. Just give mom or I call if you want to come out. The pain from the chest tube is about a 17 on a scale of 1-10 and Im going try hard to sleep through most of it.

Love, Hugs, Kisses, Happy Texts & Emails.


Anonymous said...

Fort--I'm soo glad that the chest tube procedure went smoothly and I hope your pain subsides soon. It was great to see you and your fam yesterday. I hope I didn't add to your anxiety!! I love ya and stay strong and God will carry you through...Jami

Misti said...

I had a chest tube when I was about 17. The piddly amount of fluid that they drained from mine pales in comparison to yours! Impressive.

We are thinking about you!!

Anonymous said...

melissa...claim the victory...that's what you are doing in your plans for when you are feeling better & God knows that you are trusting him for the win! Glad that the tube is in and that part of the "fixin'" is being done. I love you and am not coming to visit today...if you or your mom want stories, nonstop chatter and magazines, candy bars or anything else to help you pass the time a text or call will have any and all of that on their way via me. If I don't hear from you I'll see you tomorrow afternoon (IF YOU ARE UP FOR IT) after school. love you & remember, one day at a time sometimes means one HOUR at a time. keep smiling, and savor every moment; even the tough ones. I'm sure God has big plans for the way you are going to use these tough experiences to help others. love you yaya sharon

Karyn said...

I love how strong you are, and your hopeful are seriously amazing in every way

Anonymous said...

Arby's chicken sandwich - what happened to chicken soup?!!! The fluid monitor looks like a tote board for a fund raiser - I think you've donated enough!! If adage is correct - you might be in a little more pain today but it will subside tomorrow. Keep up the gabfest with the ladies. Rest and eat that's God's plan for right now. Enjoy the R&R - your words :) More love and hugs, Sue

TB said...

Hey Fort,

Wanted to make sure you know that a lot of people have been affected by your positivity. I'm constantly impressed by your presence and humor despite the tough stuff you're going through. I'm looking forward to seeing you well.

Lola said...

So happy everything went well. Make sure you relax, okay? Getting online is soooo additive :)

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Fort, Jmac and famdamily!!! I'm sure you'll kick this things ass!!
We'll keep positive thoughts heading your way.

osubuckeyefamily said...

Sending positive thoughts, love and prayers from Columbus...and if you need me to I'll come down there and start beating some ass with my fabulous scarlet and grey seatbelt purse! :)

Much love!
Becky, Bill, Will & Cole